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Sales Representative

Determination and Drive come naturally to Me. I have a helpful nature and work hard to ensure that I exceed client expectations. Being a successful Restauranteur for many years I have earned the right to boast about being the number #1 restaurant on Trip Advisor in Toronto and was highly rated on other peer-reviewed sites. I take the same care and approach in Real Estate when representing all my clients. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or seasoned Real Estate investor, I take the time and make sure you're making the right decision just like a Big Brother would.

My business approach has always included deep involvement in the community from raising money for local charities, participating in community events and volunteering in local organizations. I am well known in the community for my warm, friendly and calm approach and enjoy working with all types of families and individuals. Once you meet me, you will be right at ease.

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When you’re selling your home, you may find buyers who want to see it later in the evening, when it’s dark outside. In that circumstance, effective home lighting becomes more important.

The best place to start is with exterior lighting. If you have soft ground lamps on the walkway, make sure those are turned on. That will make for a more pleasant and inviting trip up the walkway.

Do you have motion detection lighting? Make sure those are set to continuous lighting. It can be jarring for a buyer to be hit with an unexpected beam of bright light when walking to your door.

Also, check the brightness of exterior lights. If they are bordering on blinding, replace the bulbs with lower wattage options.

Inside the home, keep curtains and other window coverings open. Although it may be dark outside, an unobstructed window will help make the room seem more inviting and spacious. 

Turn on your full lighting system in the backyard. Make that outdoor space enticing for buyers to check out.

If you have dark areas in your home, such as a basement room or walk-in closet, explore ways to light it better.

Overall, you want the lighting to help buyers see and appreciate the best qualities of your property.

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There are numerous reasons why you might need to sell early in the year. Perhaps you even need to sell this month! Whatever your reasons, preparation is key. Make the right moves now and your sale is likely to go smoothly and successfully.

Follow these tips:

1. Make a list of what needs to be done around the property to prepare it
for listing. That includes decluttering, cleaning, getting needed repairs
done, and so forth.

2. Schedule those tasks. On a calendar or planner, block out ample time
to do everything on your list. Give yourself a time buffer because things
can often take longer to do than expected.

3. Get help. You don’t need to do everything yourself. Consider hiring a
painter, contractor, cleaning service, and other professionals.
Outsourcing can reduce a lot of the stress of selling while ensuring your
property is prepared in time.

4. Dispose of unwanted items that may have accumulated over the years
in the garage, basement, and closets. You can have a yard sale, sell
stuff online, donate items to charity, or take them to your local
recycling centre.

5. Free up your schedule during the period you expect your property to
be on the market. You want your home to be accessible for showings
as often as possible, giving prospective buyers a lot of flexibility
when scheduling.

The idea is to get your property as “sales-ready” as possible — as early in the year as possible. That way, when it comes time to list your home, you won’t have to scramble to get it ready. The hard work will be done and you’ll be able to focus on selling your property quickly and for the best price.

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When searching for a new home, many buyers will focus only on the list price and what they may need to offer to get the property. For example, a buyer might think, “We can get this house for $XX. That’s within our price range!”

Of course, the selling price plays the pivotal role in whether or not you can afford a particular home. But, carrying costs should also be considered.

Carrying costs include any regular expenses related to the property. The obvious ones are gas, hydro, water, garbage, and taxes. But there may be others. For example, a home may also have a subscription-based alarm system, high-speed internet, and hot water tank rental.

If there are common elements, such as a private street or some other neighbourhood feature, there may be an annual maintenance fee.

It’s also smart to factor in predicted maintenance and repair costs, especially when buying an older home. A property that hasn’t had its asphalt roof shingles replaced in 20 years may be due soon.

So, when shopping for a new home, consider what the carrying costs will be. That will help you make a more informed decision.

That being said, having to pay a little more in monthly costs may be worth it if  you love the place and it (as well as the neighbourhood) has everything you  want.